Syrian refugee children's artwork on show in Hull

The exhibition at Hull's Unison building hopes to highlight the tragedies that child refugees are experiencing.

Artwork created by Syrian refugee children is going on show in Hull this weekend.

The children, some as young as six years old, have created around 50 drawings and paintings, reflecting their experiences of living in a refugee camp.

Alongside each picture, there'll be the name of the artist, a photo of the tent they're currently living in and a brief statement of that child’s dream.

Baraa Kouja has organised the exhibition and says art is a universal language:

"We wanted to relate people to the children and show them how their imagination is often affected by the crisis. Some of the pictures have a lot of tragedy, blood and trauma in it, other drawings have hope and promises for a better future.

"One of the drawings, for example, has a map of Syria saying 'Please save my country', another drawing has a bleeding flower. These children should be thinking about butterflies, flowers, friendship and happiness; they should not be worrying about war, airstrikes and bombings.

"We can relate to each other as a human not as a number. Unfortunately, the refugee crisis labels a lot of humans in numbers like, 'there's hundreds of thousands of refugees who've made it to Europe or living in Lebanon'.

"This exhibition will destroy those stereotypes and be informative and insightful."

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