Residents concerned over plans for biomass plant near Leven

Residents of four East Riding villages are concerned that plans for a biomass plant on the outskirts of Leven could harm their community.

The proposed facility would be built on a site next to the A1 65 Leven bypass, and would treat commercialand household waste, as well as animal slurry, collected from a 50 mile radius.

Mark Gillyan Powell from Leven Parish Council says it's not an appropriate location, and local residents are concerned about how the development would impact on the character of the area:

"Whether or not it's the right kind of development in any area, it's for independent industrial specialists to make that decision. But actually, between four rural villages like this, it's not the right place to stick something very large, on an industrial scale."

"The plans that we've seen so far suggest that it would cover 6.5 acres. The digesting tanks would be approximately 80 feet tall. And it's going to have approximately every 16 minutes a lorry either arriving or leaving."

"The smell of anaerobic digesters is always raised as an issue. We're concerned about traffic, the petrol station in very close proximity, which could be a source of ignition, the size of the development, and the amout of waste that could be coming from a 50 mile radius."

Parish Councillor David Gillyan Powell added that he was concerned about the possibility the site, if built, could then be enlarged:

"The plans that we've seen have expansion areas outlined on them, and obviously if this plant were to be a financial success, I see no reason why other companies - or the same company - would not want to make an expansion in this, or other, industrial processes on the site."

A full planning application is expected to go before East Riding Council by the end of the year. The developers 3 AD 3 were unavailable for comment.

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