Micro-businesses in Hull receive expert advice

A special event in Hull today has provided help for people setting up in business.

Micro businesses in Hull have been giving advice to each other and hearing from experts about tips for success today.

Microbiz Matters Day, targeting firms which employ up to nine people, has been taking place at the city's Guildhall.

16 year old Millie Notarantonio has run a personalised printing business from home in Hull for five years. She says: "It's saying something for me at 16 to be giving people tips. To just be able to give people who are older than me advice is special. There's always going to be difficulties, so long as you try, something good will always come out of it." 

Paul Uppall, the national small business commissioner, says the  important message is that there is help available: "It's very lonely running your own small business so  you're often looking for support. If you go on any given website, there is a plethora of government bodies who are there to help you. If anyone in Hull or in the Yorkshire area has any issues or concerns about this. Give us a go. We'll go in and bat for you and be on your side."


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