Hull woman who suffered years of psychological abuse urges other women to break the cycle

Jennifer Gilmour is publishing a book about her experiences of domestic abuse to help other women seek help.

A Hull woman, who suffered years of emotional and psychological torment, is encouraging others to seek help and break the cycle of an abusive relationship.

Jennifer Gilmour found herself trapped by her partner, who banned her from going to work, got her into debt and destroyed her relationships with family and friends.

She's now turned her life around and wants others to find the courage to escape destructive relationships:

"A lot of people don't actually realise they're in this situation. They perhaps think it's their fault, it's a fault in them and they're not actually a victim. It's one in four women and one in six men, so that's a very common statistic.

"You don't deserve to be in that situation. It's not you. You deserve to have a normal and happy life. This turns into not having an identity, that is how serious it becomes. It's very robotic."

She's welcomed a new law which recognises victims of that type of abuse:

"They're training so that the magistrates and family courts can actually recognise those triggers and the manipulation and the methods behind it. Obviously for me the situation was that it was a battle, a fight, to get somebody to believe what it was I was trying to say."

Jennifer's written a book, Isolation Junction, to raise awareness of the unseen side of domestic abuse and coercive control. 

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