Hull inventor hopes new creation will help disabled children

A Hull dad's created an educational aid using virtual reality which he hopes can help children with learning difficulties.

Craig Chaytor's created a series of videos with different themes that work with virtual reality headsets.

He came up with the idea to help his daughter, Imogen, who has Williams Syndrome, which affects her learning and development.

"We noticed that Imogen was saying words that she didn't normally say, things like stars and twinkle twinkle. Then she was pushing herself to say more and more and, at the same time, it stabilised her mobility.

"I've picked specific things that children respond to - swimming, flying, stars. That's all I've got at the minute on the prototype but if we go into full production, I'm going to create more sensory, learning adaptive needs." 

Craig says other children have also benefited from his prototype:

"Even the school noticed and then I got speaking to them to see if I could broaden this out, not just to see if it affected Imogen, to see if it'll benefit any other child that has any disability and through the trials that succeeded pretty well, it did." 

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