Brain injury man raising funds for ward that helped his recovery

A Hull man who suffered a brain injury after an unprovoked attack's raising money for the hospital ward that helped his recovery.

Paul Spence needed intensive treatment after sustaining the serious injury in 2012.

Now, he is fundraising for the neurosurgical ward at Hull Royal Infirmary, so they can buy state-of-the-art equipment to help others with brain injuries.

He's launched a 'Hull Workmen 2014' Calendar, and plans to donate the proceeds to help fund a NIM Eclipse Spinal System machine – a vital piece of equipment for the unit.

Mr Spence told KCFM that he's endebted to the staff on the ward for helping him in his ongoing recovery:

"I lost everything. I lost my mind, my income, my independence, myself. At that time I was told that it would take two to three years to recover, and after three years, however I was then, was how I would be for life. So there would be lasting damage, but they don't know to what extent that damage is going to be."

"I struggle with memory. I couldn't see my past, at one point. I sort of knew who I was, but my visual memories of my life, I couldn't see. I suffer cognitively, so attention, a lack of insight, understanding, and just slow in general."

"It's probably even worse for friends and family. Because, myself, I didn't have a real understanding as to what had really gone on. I was just not with it, slow, confused. And obviously for them, seeing me like that... a brain injury causes a ripple effect, with me at the centre, and everyone around me feels it."

"When you're slow, and you're feeling vulnerable, the world is frightening, to be honest. To have those people around you - you need those smiles and comfort, and just to feel safe. And so, the staff around you mean everything to you. Those people are getting you through the day."

To hear more of the interview with Paul Spence, you can listen here: 

If you'd like to find out more about Paul's recovery journey, you can find him on facebook: Search "Paul Spence - my brain recovery"

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