Right Up Your Street

Every week, Matt Hutchinson is out and about visiting a different street in East Yorkshire asking some (not so) probing questions!

Check out where he's been recently.


Matt wanted to know something you were scared of when you were growing up?

Matt is looking forward to the new series of Bake Off, but will you be watching?


Do you celebrate wedding anniversaries or do you not bother?

We're talking about memories of getting your exam results.

We also went to Wyke College where students were getting their A Level results.


What is your favourite computer games console?

Do you prefer watching movies at home or at the cinema?


Matt wanted to know what your favourite ice cream flavour is?

Over half of us take these on holiday, what are they?


What is acceptable to take from a hotel room?

Matt also wanted to know your good news...


Darren was in Hessle asking about the last book you read ? 

Darren was asking about the most memorable school trip you went on ? 


Matt was talking about school discos, what are your memories?

Did you buy presents for teachers at the end of the school year or do you buy for your children's teachers?