The Deep in Hull celebrates UK first

The Deep in Hull have welcomed two brand new species of jellyfish.

Aquarists are rearing tiny Mediterranean jellyfish into adulthood, where they can grow from 1mm up to 35cm in diameter.

They'll be on display to show the different life stages of the jellyfish.

Aquarist Shoshana says: "We are so excited to be able to share these beautiful jellies with our visitors.

"Rearing a new species of jellyfish always presents a challenge, some jellyfish can be are very sensitive in the early stages so getting them through the difficult period really creates a sense of achievement. They are a fast growing species, so once we get them to the size of a 10p coin the pressure is lessoned slightly. We have a number of different life stages growing behind the scenes so we hope to have them on display for a while.

"We now have four very different species on display, so it’s great to be able to show off the diversity of shapes, sizes and colours within the jellyfish family".

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