Hundreds of Hull children are relying on food parcels

Over 2,000 emergency food supplies have been given to residents in Hull in just six months.

The number of people relying on Hull Foodbank has been increasing month on month since April.

In just 6 months 2,250 emergency food supplies have been handed out in Hull - 450 went to children.

Manager Russ Barlow believes it's down to people struggling with benefit payments and low wages.

"Anyone can be affected by something unexpected. Last month, we had a client that was 106. A social worker went round and found empty cupboards, there was no food in them. They quickly came to us and we were able to help them out with a parcel. 

"It's just a worrying amount of people coming through the doors at the present. As we approach Christmas, I expect it to get busier as well."

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