Highways England look to bring plans forward for A63 footbridge

West Hull and Hessle MP Emma Hardy met with Highways England this week to discuss future plans for Castle Street.

Highways England are looking to release some of the funds for Hull's Castle Street project earlier, so they can build a permanent footbridge.

They say a temporary bridge wouldn't work as extra time would be needed to secure the planning.

But permission's already been given for the permanent bridge to be built and they could use the £4million promised by the Local Enterprise Partnership.

Both highways England and Hull City Council accept there is a safety case for bringing the building of a bridge forward. They also accept that the crossing has caused additional traffic issues for the city because of the increased popularity of the Humber Street development and the City of Culture events.

Hull West and Hessle MP Emma Hardy will be meeting again with Highways England after their mid-October meeting for an update on the bridge.

She says: “During busy events the impact of the crossing on traffic, and the increased risk to pedestrian safety, concern me greatly. If we can’t have the Castle Street project brought forward then my priority is to secure the construction of a bridge, whether temporary or permanent, as soon as possible.

“I will continue to press Highways England until this issue is resolved and there is a suitable resolution that will benefit the people of Hull West and Hessle.”

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