Frustration after vandals target Hull landmark

A Hull Historian believes a lack of understanding is leading to Beverley Gate being vandalised.

Graffiti has been spotted on the recently renovated historic landmark and young people have been seen using it as a climbing frame.

The council say they've removed it and want anyone with information to contact them.

But Mike Covell is disappointed the landmark keeps getting targeted:

"What really annoys me is you've got the fountains across the road to play with and Queens Gardens is just a stones throw away, if they want to go climbing, there's rock walls inside the city centre where you go and climb walls and stuff. It's not like the activities aren't there for them.

"In the past Beverley Gate had big boards up that gave away the history, after a while they got demolished and people were grafiting on them as well. It's tough because you want it to be open the public and want it to visible but I think signage is the way forward."

In a statement Hull City Council said:

“This graffiti at Beverley Gate has now been removed by our street cleansing team.

“We encourage anyone that can help identify instances of graffiti on public land, as well as those responsible, to report it via 01482 300 300 or online at”


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