East Hull MP accuses Government of treating public sector workers as third class citizens

Yesterday, the Government announced it was lifting the 1% pay cap for prison and police officers.

The MP for East Hull says public sector workers have been let down by the scrapping of the one per cent pay cap.

The Government says wages for police officers are going up by 2% and prison staff will get an average pay rise of 1.7%.

But unions say it actually works out as a pay cut because the cost of living has jumped to 2.9%.

MP Karl Turner says it doesn't go far enough:

"I think the Government have let people down again. It should be for all public sector workers not just picking and choosing the ones that they think are more important.

"Stop treating public servants like third rate citizens. They do a job, they go out and protect people, they put themselves in danger to protect us and they deserve to be paid properly for it."

The Labour party will be putting more pressure on the government to increase NHS pay during a special debate in the Commons later.

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