Child sexual exploitation being tackled in Hull and the East Riding

A new educational film is now available to help our communities understand what CSE actually is.

Communities across Hull and the East Riding can now learn about child sexual exploitation in a new educational film.

As part of the 'Not in our community campaign', 'Jane's Story' is officially available as a training resource for schools, businesses and public services.

Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Grove explains why he decided to fund it:

"if we're going to protect our children properly and effectively we need the whole community involved. We need everyone to open their eyes. Predatory paedophiles hide in plain sight so watch for those warning signs, because I'd much rather prevent those horrendous crimes from taking place."

Mr Grove says communities need to pull together to protect their children.

"it's to educate the whole community, not just children. So it might not be the potential victim themselves that identifies what's happening but it might be their friend it might be a classmate; but it's all of us and in this modern day and age it takes an informed and empowered community to protect our children."


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